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The SVBET office hours are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The SVBET is a working Trust. The volunteer Trustees attempt to review submissions, emails, and comments as soon as possible within these times. Depending on circumstances and content, replies may be delayed. The form of the response will be at the discretion of the SVBET. Please review the website for information sought.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here!

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here!

9 May 2024 Sea turtle nesting season has begun and nests are already being marked. As a reminder, sea turtle nesting season officially runs May 1-October 31 each year. All sea turtles are endangered species. The South Venice Beach has many species that nest here, including the rare Kemps-Ridley. It is a federal offense to tamper with the sea turtles…

SVBET Administration Report

May 7, 2024 The SVBET announces a new location for its annual Administration Report. According to the Trust Agreement, Section 5.4 Accountings and Public Notice, “The Trustees shall prepare a Trust Endowment Fund administration and/or financial report at least once annually that shall be open for inspection by Community property owners and residents at reasonable business hours and times at…

Recent Events and New Beach Ferry Schedule

The repairs to the Beach Ferry have been completed. Due to misinformation being circulated in the community wrongfully alleging one of the Captains of having a criminal record, that Captain had to be removed from duty. His federal background check done by the United States Coast Guard was clear and the South Venice Beach Endowment Trust (SVBET) has a right…