What To Wear To South Venice Beach

What To Wear To South Venice Beach

1. Beach bag

First of, you’ll be needing a beach bag for most (if not all) of your beach essentials. If possible, bring a waterproof bag so that you have peace of mind when a little water hits it – especially if you have gadgets in it.

2. Hat

A cap or wide-brimmed hat can help protect your skin and eyes from too much exposure to the sun. Again, leaving your eyes and skin exposed my lead to cataracts and skin cancer, respectively.

3. Sunglasses

If you don’t have a hat, then you can wear sunglasses which will still protect your skin from skin cancer and your eyes from the sun’s UV radiation.

4. Sunscreen

When frolicking on the beach, make sure you protect yourself from UV damage and sunburn.
Get a sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor) such as 30 or 45. This should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before you go outdoors and should be reapplied every 30 minutes or so (check sunscreen instructions).

5. Aloe Vera

If you forget your sunscreen and accidentally end up with a sunburn, then slather yourself with aloe vera gel. Better when chilled, the aloe vera gel will help and soothe your skin.

6. Book

When at the beach, you may find yourself lounging about and wanting to read a book – so make sure you have one!

7. Cover-up

When out of the water, entering beachside establishments or walking along the street – it’s best to be covered up comfortably with light stylish cover-ups.

8. Bathing suit

With a variety of colors and designs, there are bathing suits for every type of body. You may want to take this into consideration when shopping for one – especially if you want to look good coming out of the water or while lounging on the beach.

9. Beach towel/ blanket

If you want to sit on the beach comfortably, then you may want to lie a towel down. If you want something to keep you warm and to dry you up, that dries up quickly itself, then consider using a microfiber towel.

10. iPod and headphones

If you want to sit back and relax, then bring your iPod full of chill playlists.

11. Flip flops

The ultimate summer staple, flip flops are convenient footwear for the beach since you don’t have to worry about sand getting stuck in your shoe or your feet walking on hot sand.

12. Floats

Floatation devices like vests or arm floaties are important for children, whether swimming in a pool or at the beach (this apart from adult supervision, of course!). While adults can use these for safety as well, there are many floatation devices that help make lounging at the beach a relaxing experience. Just sit back and float away. There are even floaties for your food and beverages, too!

13. Water bottle

When at the beach, the warm temperatures and lack of hydration can lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke – which is why it’s important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and to help keep your skin moisturized.

14. Change of clothes

Germs and bacteria can grow quickly on a wet bathing suit, which is why it isn’t advisable to wear damp swimwear for long periods of time. Which is why it’s particularly important to change into a new set of clothes as soon as possible.

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