As a homeowner in South Venice Beach, you are also a stakeholder in 1,300 feet of beachfront and environmentally sensitive land on the barrier island plus seven acres on the mainland. These properties have been cared for and managed by volunteers. Up to this point, our primary source of income has been ferry and boat ramp fees.

Revenues to meet the needs of the community are all voluntary as well. They include memberships dues, hall rentals, annual Expo, special events, and dollar contributions.

The South Venice Beach Endowment Trust, a tax exempt 501(c)[3] charity, was created in 2001 to raise the needed funds to sustain operations, finance improvements, and work to build an endowment.

Through the Endowment Fund, tax deductible donations can be made to support future improvements to the beach assets. Plans are also in place to provide youth scholarships and sponsorship of environmental educational programs.

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