Friends of the Trust

Look for more information in January of 2021.

Historically, the Friends of the Trust are a group of people that volunteer their time and efforts to improve, repair, and maintain our South Venice Beach.  They have done many projects in the past, such as plantings, dune restoration, beach clean-up, and fund raisers.

All volunteers are always welcome!

Stay tuned for more information regarding meetings and work days.


The HIT THE BRICKS Campaign has sold over 112 bricks to date, which have been engraved and installed in front of the ferry house. Blank ones are still available. Please consider buying one or more as we have a total of 1102 bricks available! Forms are available at the ferry house and at the office. Bricks are only $50 each and are a wonderful way to show your support—in perpetuity. Considering making your purchase today!

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