Beach Ferry

SOUTH VENICE BEACH FERRY. The Ferry is not running at this time. The stairs at the beach were compromised in the storm. The Trustees are working with FEMA for possible money for the project, along with contractors for quotes. It may take some time to accomplish the mission.

2022 Ferry and Boat Ramp Renewal and or Purchase Information:  

Ferry Fees 2022:  Annual $150.00 (*South Venice Residents)  $300.00 (*Non-South Venice Residents)

Monthly   $50.00   (*South Venice Residents or monthly renters in South Venice)  NO MONTHLY PASSES FOR NON-SOUTH VENICE RESIDENTS

The Captain will meet you at the landing located at 4800 Lemon Bay Drive.  The Ferry leaves every half hour beginning at 9:30am, when the Captain takes a day of rest and volunteers make boat repairs and upkeep. Hours of operation are as follows:

  • The ferry runs every day from 9:30 am to sunset, every half hour.
  • The Captains have the authority to suspend services for any reason. Refunds will not be provided should services be interrupted.
  • All ferry passes are good for up to six (6) people.  Improper use of the ferry property, beach, or ferry pass, may lead to having your ferry pass confiscated and the loss of your ferry pass privileges. 

You must open the lock at the ferry house with your electronic access., every time you board the Ferry.  Ferry access is only available on an Annual or Monthly basis (no day or weekly access).  Annual Ferry and Boat Ramp Access is valid from January 1st to December 31st.  Monthly passes are good for 30 days.  Each purchased access entitles the purchaser up to 6 passengers per trip.  No exceptions.  Do not offer to take persons unknown to you as your guests.

There are no daily or weekly passes available.

Passes can be purchased at the Trust Office located at 720 Alligator Drive, South Venice with US checks, or US BANK Debit/Credit cards, with proper documentation.  Hours of operation for the Administration Office are: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9am-1pm.

Come visit your own piece of paradise!  Pristine beaches, natural landscape, and quiet surroundings are what you will find on your own private beach.  Please keep our beaches clean.  What you bring with you, take home with you.  Let our nature stay beautiful.

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