South Venice Beach Ferry and Boat Ramp Passes

South Venice Beach Ferry and Boat Ramp Passes will be sold for 2018 on the following basis:

The Trust has been sensitive to the request from many pass holders that there be an effort to “make the beach the way it was”.   It seems that years ago, it really had the feel of a neighborhood beach.  In an effort to address that request, there has been a significant change in the fee structure for both the Ferry and the Boat Ramp. There will be no increase in 2018 for South Venice Residents while all others purchasing a Pass or Key will be paying twice the Resident Fee.

Keys and Ferry Passes will be available November 1.  HOWEVER, as proof of residency is now required, they will currently only be sold at the SVCA, at the Ferry House at designated times, or by mail (form on the web). Captains will not be selling Ferry Passes on the Ferry.  Proof of residency is either a property tax bill or utility bill in the name of the purchaser – only individuals will be able to purchase a Ferry Pass or Boat Ramp Key at resident rates. Businesses will be required to purchase at Non-Resident Rates.

South Venice Resident will be defined as follows:

You must live in the map designated South Venice area – list of streets sv-res-def-2017 click here

You must provide a copy of either a property tax bill in your name or a utility bill in your name

Ferry Passes:

South Venice Resident                  Annual Rate                                                    $130.00

Non-Resident                                Annual Rate                                                    $260.00

South Venice Resident                  Monthly Rate                                                  $  65.00

Non-Resident                               Monthly Rate                                                  $130.00

Boat Ramp:

South Venice Resident                  Annual Rate                                                    $ 90.00

Non-Resident                               Annual Rate                                                    $180.00

Lifetime passes are no longer available for purchase as of September 26, 2016.



Abalone                                             Concord                                             Garden                                Mercury

Acadia                                                Conrad                                               Geneva                               Meridian

Albion                                                 Constance                                         Gentian                               Miami

Alligator Dr. & E                              Conus                                                 Ginger                                 Mimosa

Altair                                                  Coral                                                  Graham                               Missouri

Amber                                                Cornell                                               Grant                                   Mobile

Argonaut                                           Coronado                                          Grinnell                               Mohawk

Argus                                                  Covert                                                Gull                                      Mohegan

Argyle                                                 Cowry                                                Hale                                     Morningside

Arrowhead                                        Crane                                                 Harvard                               Myakka

Auburn                                               Crocus                                                Hawthorne                         Nantucket

Aurora                                                Cross                                                  Hercules                             Nautilus

Auster                                                Crystal                                                Hermes                               Nectar

Avalon                                                Cumberland                                      Heron                                  Neptune

Azalea                                                Cypress                                              Hialeah                               Nightingale

Azure                                                  Dagon                                                Hibiscus                              Nocturne

Baffin Dr. E & W                              Dartmouth                                        Hobart                                Oak

Bahama                                             Darwin                                               Holly                                    Oberlin

Bard                                                    Datura                                                Horizon                               Ocala

Baylor                                                Dawn                                                  Hudson                               Ocelot

Becker                                                Devon                                                Indra                                    Odessa

Beverly                                               Diana                                                  Indus                                   Olivia

Blossom                                             Dogwood                                          Jack                                     Olympia

Bluebell                                              Dolphin                                              Jamaica                              Oneida

Bonita                                                Dragon                                               Jasmine                               Orange

Bowdoin                                            Drake                                                 Juno                                     Orchis

Bradenton                                         Drew                                                  Jupiter                                 Oriole

Brown                                                Duke                                                   Kensico                               Osage

Bucknell                                             Dunbar                                               Kent                                     Osceola

Burke                                                  Duquesne                                          Kimball                                Osprey

Cabana                                              Durian                                                Larry                                    Oxalis

Cardinal                                             Egret                                                  Leeward                             Palmetto Dr.

Carmel                                               Eider                                                   Lehigh                                 Panda

Carmine                                             Elton                                                   Lemon Bay Dr.                  Pandora

Caryl                                                   Englewood                                        Linda                                   Papaya

Cedar                                                 Euclid                                                 Linden                                 Peary

Chestnut                                            Everest                                               Lobelia                                Pecan

Citadel                                               Falcon                                                Logan                                  Pelican

Citrus                                                  Falkland                                             Loyola                                 Periwinkle

Clematis                                            Fallow                                                Lucine                                 Pheasant

Clemson                                            Faun                                                   Macon                                Phorus

Coconut                                             Flamingo                                           Magnolia                            Piedmont

Colby                                                  Florida                                                Mallow                               Pine

Coleman                                            Flower                                                Maness                               Plantation

Colgate                                              Fordham                                            Mangrove                          Plover

Colonial                                             Foxglove                                            Maple                                  Poinciana

Columbia                                           Fundy                                                 Marigold                             Polaris

Columbine                                         Galiot                                                 Marlin                                 Pompano

Marquette                          Ponderosa

Mars                                    Poppy



Porpoise                             Syracuse

Pratt                                    Taconic

Primrose                             Tampa

Princeton                            Tanager

Purdue                                Taplow

Queen                                 Tarpon

Quincy N400-599             Telford Dr.


Rainbow                             Temple

Rallus                                  Tern

Randolph                            Terrapin

Raven                                  Thistle

Redfern                               Tinamou

Redstart                              Tortoise

Regent                                Treasure

Rice                                     Trinity

Rigel                                    Triton

Ringtail                               Trojan

Roanoke                             Tulane

Rolla                                    Tundra

Rosedale                            Unicorn

Roslyn                                 Urbana

Royal                                   Valencia

Ruby                                    Varet

Rutgers                               Vassar

Rutland                               Victoria

Sapphire                             Villanova

Saturn                                 Viola

Scenic Dr.                           Virginia

Sea Fox                               Wabash

Secor                                   Wesleyan

Seminole E & W               Wisteria

Seneca                                Yacht Club

Serpula                                Yale

Shamrock Dr.                    Yucca

Shasta                                 Zenith

Shell                                     Zephyr


Siesta Dr.


South Venice Blvd.







Sunset Beach